designer wear

designer wear

Littles is a trusted partner of haute-couture houses and luxury garment retailers in Australia. Designers, retailers and owners choose Littles to care for their couture items because of our expertise and because of the unique combination of craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology that Littles offers. Our expert team will consider the material, construction and detailing of each garment before recommending the most appropriate treatment. We have extensive knowledge of producing impeccable results with silks, satins and delicate fibres, heavily detailed hand finished items, specialist skins, leathers and suedes and many combinations of these materials.

Each garment is carefully examined prior to being cleaned, with buttons or ornamental elements removed where necessary (after being photographed to ensure they are re-applied with military precision!). Whether your garment requires dry cleaning, laundering or hand wash treatment, we have the gentlest (and greenest) technologies at our disposal to carefully clean your couture item. Designer garments will benefit from our meticulous care and attention, supported by the most advanced technology available.

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Littles specialists will provide an on site obligation free quote with complimentary collection and delivery for your designer wear. To book a quote click here or for any further information please contact us on 02 9939 2000 or