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Littles leather & suede specialists will provide an on site obligation free quote with complimentary collection and delivery. To book a quote click here or for any further information please contact us on 02 9939 2000 or info@littlesdrycleaning.com.au

The thorough cleaning of any item that is tailored from leather, suede, pigskin or sheepskin demands specialist knowledge.

Natural oils in suedes and leathers can harm the texture if not properly cared for, so our technicians inspect each garment before selecting the most appropriate procedure, be it traditional methods or advanced technology.
We take careful measures to retain the original state of your suede and leather during cleaning, and hand finish to ensure optimum results that will keep your items looking their best and lasting for generations. Littles is also happy to fulfil requests for items to be altered, repaired or given a protective coating.

The perfect handbag for ‘that’ outfit can quickly become a treasured possession, an investment piece that lasts season after season, maybe even a family heirloom in years to come.
But handbags, clutches, totes and satchels have a tough life – they’re rained on when we’re outside, we put them down on the floor, we touch them constantly to open, close or adjust them. The Littles handbag cleaning service utilises our textile expertise to clean, restore and even repair your investment bag. Our service covers leathers, suede, fabric and even embellished bags.

Our expert team can usually make damage and everyday wear and tear virtually invisible. After careful cleaning, we use fillers to bring back deep scratches to an even surface and apply dyes and pigments to replace and blend away colour variation, perfect for faded for bleached leather. Minor repairs can also be made to your handbag if required, before it is returned to it’s rightful place – a starring role in your wardrobe.
The treatments required for handbag cleaning and restoration are dependent on a number of factors including the style and size of the bag, it’s textural composition and colour and the extent of wear and tear. The cost of restoring each bag is therefore quoted on an individual basis. Click here to request a personalised cost estimate.