premium dry cleaning

premium dry cleaning

The dry cleaning and hand cleaning procedures at Littles use the finest technology and the purest of solvents to deliver impeccable results for everything from suits to designer couture. We specialise in first class stain removal, attention to detail and hand finishing of all garments. Any minor repairs such as loose hems, open seams and loose buttons will also be attended to as part of the service. Garments are individually protected and packaged with tissue, custom hangers and specially designed bags and boxes in order to ensure your garments safe return to your wardrobe. What’s more Littles use the most advanced and environmentally friendly dry cleaning solutions in fabric after care, so you will be fresh as well as green, every season.

the 6 stages of Littles garment care

For over 100 years our customers have trusted the care of their clothes and household textiles to Littles. To ensure our exacting quality standards and meticulous attention to detail is given to every garment Littles has developed their six stages of garment care process.

1. detailing

Garments are thoroughly inspected and prepared for cleaning and rejuvination. This includes identification of the fabric type, garment construction technique, protection or removal of buttons or ornamental detailing and surface surveying to locate, identify and log any marks or imperfections in preparation for stage

2. stain removal

Specialised stain removal is performed by Littles master dry cleaners utilising both traditional and the most advanced modern techniques available, while drawing from over 100 years of experience in treating specialist textiles.

3. cleaning

Our expert team will consider the material, construction and detailing of every garment before commencement of the most appropriate treatment. This may include a combination of dry cleaning, laundering and hand cleaning. Littles offer Green Earth, the most advanced environmentally friendly dry cleaning process available.

4. hand finishing

Our highly experienced pressers offer the highest standard to individually finish your garments to your specific requirements.

5. minor repairs

Littles offer a complimentary minor repairs service and will attend to loose hems, open seams, loose or missing buttons etc. at no charge so your garment is returned to you looking its very best.

6. inspection

At Littles every garment is thoroughly inspected in exacting detail to ensure it is looking its very best before being returned to its owner.